Background Information

We at the School of Computing and Information Technology are at forefront of current technology. Trying to predict future advances which is both exciting and challenging. Our Philosophy is to be a leader in Information Technological Innovations in Kenya and beyond. We note Computing is not about computers anymore, It is about living. We deliver high-quality courses, research, and consultancy – and are a Centre of excellence in the creative and technical aspects of computing, games and animation, web and multimedia.

The School of Computing and Information Technology is the home of Kaimosi Friends University College – where we lead innovative ideas from all professions. We offer in-depth content in Computer Science and Information Technology that spans a wide range, from theoretical and algorithmic foundations to cutting-edge developments in ICT for Development, green technologies, security, dynamic databases and other exciting areas. Dedicated facilities are provided for animation, web and multimedia authoring, video editing, web service development, games, networks, and mobile app development.