Our Profile


To be a University of Excellence in Teaching, Learning, Research, Innovation and Holistic Development


To provide quality education and training, research and innovation to meet the needs of a dynamic Society


Spring of Knowledge

Core Values

  • Academic excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Equity
  • Social responsibility
  • Dynamism


KAFUCO endeavours to be ranked amongst the world class universities based on academic excellence and research that impact on societal needs.

The University College derives its mandate from University Act 2012 No.42, of 13th December, 2012, which stipulates the objectives as follows.

  • Advancement of knowledge through teaching, scholarship research and scientific investigation;
  • Promotion of learning in the students body and society in general;
  • Promotion of culture and societal life of society
  • Support and contribution to realization of national economic and social development
  • Promotion of high standards in and quality of teaching and research;
  • Education, training and retraining high level professionals, technical and management personnel;
  • Dissemination of outcomes of research conducted by the university to general community.
  • Facilitation of life-long learning through provision of adult and continuing education
  • Fostering of capacity for independent critical thinking among its students; and
  • Promotion of gender balance and equality of opportunity among students and employees.
  • Promotion of equalization for persons with disabilities, minorities and other marginalized groups.
  • To contribute to agricultural, industrial and technological development of Kenya in collaboration with industrial and institutions through the transfer of appropriate technology;
  • To develop and provide education, culture professional, technological and vocational services to the community and in particular, foster corporate social responsibility
  • To provide programmers, products and services in ways that reflects the principles of equity and social justice;
  • To facilitate student mobility between different programmers and different training institutions, universities and industry
  • To foster the general welfare of all staff and students.
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