ODeL Workshop Orients KAFUCO Faculty on Online Learning

odel workshop

KAFUCO plans to leverage the Internet and emerging technologies to improve access to quality education and training to our students, in line with the ambitions to rise to a global center of excellence in higher education and research.

The University College is embracing distance and blended learning revolutionise the way we teach, moving from a lecture-listen model to an interactive, learn-by-doing model. In the blended model, our students will take some of their lectures, especially common units, online, easing strain on lecture halls while injecting flexibility into studies.

KAFUCO’s ODeL Campus has been training faculty on online teaching and assessment in preparation for launch of distance learning. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Upgrading) will be the first programme to be offered fully online. It is envisaged this arrangement will greatly benefit our postgraduate students, extending our reach across the country.

On July 25 and July 26, 2022, the ODeL Campus held a workshop geared at orienting faculty on online learning. As a continuation of several previous trainings by the Commonwealth of Learning, Carnegie scholar from California State University San Marcos Prof. Moses Ochanji took the tutors through various aspects of online learning including principals of online teaching, how to organize online learning material, course development, and online community engagement frameworks.

Prof Ochanji has been exploring the similarities and differences between Kenya’s Competency Based Curriculum and Next Generation Science Standards for California Public Schools with a viewing to helping improve teacher training at KAFUCO.


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