KAFUCO Donates 1000 Seedlings to Support Conservation Efforts, Boost Nutrition

Council Chairperson

Today July 15, 2022, KAFUCO donated 1000 seedlings of a variety of indigenous and fruit trees to 10 neighbouring secondary schools to primarily help increase forest cover and spur food security as part of our commitment to conserve the environment.

 Other aims of the campaign that saw us give 2500 trees to the Anglican Development Services earlier include: improving aesthetics, providing shade, creating outdoor learning space and improving air quality
Fruit trees form extensions of school gardens, providing abundant sources of nutrient-rich food for students, and are considered living ecology classrooms. We gave grafted Hass avocadoes, apple mangoes, oranges, and lemons. In the Kaimosi Forest belt, we gave Jamun fruit seedlings to support biodiversity in conservation efforts.
KAFUCO partners with the Kenya Forest Service to rehabilitate degraded natural forest areas, as well as develop and conserve all public natural forests in Vigiha County.
Among schools that received the donation are Kaimosi Girls, Kaimosi Boys, Kaimosi Demonstration, Shamakhokho, Erusui Girls, Imusutsu Lusengeli, Moi Vokoli Girls, and Mbale Boys.


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