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KAFUCO has launched its Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Strategy in line with the National Commission for Science,

Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) guidelines, buoying its contribution towards the realization of the Country’s long-term development goal of Vision 2030 and the Big 4 agenda

The STI Strategy was launched Wednesday June 29, 2022, during a workshop with selected champions who will oversee cascading, mainstreaming and implementation of the strategies.

In line with its Vision, the University College has identified Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medical and Health Sciences, Agriculture and Veterinary Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, and multidisciplinary research as focus areas in the STI strategy.

Objectives of KAFUCO STI Strategy include embracing digital systems and emerging technologies, evidence-based knowledge dissemination, multisectoral and multidisciplinary collaborations, developing and sharing appropriate scientific knowledge and technological innovations for sustainable development, as well promotion of innovation and research within and outside KAFUCO.

NACOSTI expects Government agencies to implement the STI Strategy by documenting research programmes, projects, and the funding sources; ensuring annual budgetary allocation for research is at least 2% of the operational budget; undertake research and technology innovation, and technology transfer and commercialization; disseminate research findings, and technology innovations through conferences, workshops, and seminars.  

The Principal Prof. Ogodo, M.J. Nandi called for commitment in implementation and mainstreaming of the STI Strategy and policies. He further called for multidisciplinary research collaborations to attract research grants and boost research and development output.

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