Games and Sports

Swimmers Kafuco

The Games and Sports Department was started in September 2014 when KAFUCO got established.

This department is under the Students Affairs section with an aim of providing for students an alternative avenue of expending there extra energy through games and sports activities.

The department offers a wide range of activities for competition and recreation purposes. The activities are undertaken on intra and extra mural basis. The staffs also have a chance to interact with students through games and sports for the purpose of developing good harmony amongst the University Community.


Philosophical Framework

To provide a conducive sporting environment to the students and staff

To be the most preferred department with readily available facilities for the students, staff and the clientele.
Participation is compulsory while winning is a plus.
Core values
 The vision and mission can be realized by nurturing the following shared values by the UHS:
 Punctuality
 Professionalism and ethics
 Confidentiality
 Respect for human dignity and rights
 Truthfulness, honesty and integrity
 Diligence and competence
 Efficiency and effectiveness
 Accountability and transparency
 Fair Play
 Team work

Strategic Objectives:
To provide attractive sports facilities to students and staff
To introduce a variety of both outdoor and indoor sports and games activities for students and staff
To develop good students leadership by empowering the captains in organizational skills
To improve competition amongst teams and players by establishing a sports gala at the end of the season to acknowledge the best performers
To network with local institutions that has a chance to bring school leavers on board

 In FY 2017/18 and 2018/2019, the department realized the following:
 Purchased uniforms for most of the teams. We are amongst the well kitted teams in the KUSA Western Conference.
 Participated in KUSA Women championships in Maseno University and Kirinyaga University.
 Established a partnership with Mudasa Academy which enabled our students to train in there swimming pool and eventually earned victory in swimming at KUSA Western games which we hosted.

 To offer refresher courses for certificates and diploma in coaching and refereeing
 To partner with organizations that can support our teams and improve our facilities.
 Develop a swimming pool and gymnasium for students and staff and the local community. This will be used as an IGU for the University. Am developing a proposal that will be used for the same.