Financial Aid and Bursaries

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The Board’s objective is to give financial support to needy Kenyan students in institutions of higher learning both locally and abroad. However, due to financial constraints, it is currently not in a position to provide loans to students studying outside the country and those on Self-Sponsored Programmes (commonly known as the ‘Parallel Programmes’). Therefore, at the moment, it gives loans to the following category of students.

How much loan can one get?

In accordance with the current Cost Sharing Policy, a student is required to pay Kshs.50,000/- per year to train at a public university. Out of this amount, HELB can award a maximum loan and bursary of Kshs.50,000/- and a bursary of Kshs.8,000.

How do I check for my loan

1. Access the HELB website and enter your ID number
2. Call HELB on 0722052000
3. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When can one apply for a HELB loan?

HELB places advertisements in the print media in which it invites applications for loans. The Board maintains a deadline and those applications received after the deadline without justifiable reasons are not processed.

When are Loan Awards released?

HELB releases loan results before the new academic year starts. Thereafter, students who fail to secure a loan or are awarded inadequate amounts are encouraged to appeal. Each appeal is reviewed on its own merit. If one fails to get a loan, the following could be possible reasons:
a) The student may not have provided adequate information about him/herself as requested
b) The student may have provided false information on the loan application form