Health Services

health services2We provide quality medical, health and wellness services to KAFUCO University students, faculty and staff.

The KAFUCO Health Centre started in September, 2014 as an outpatient clinic for students, staff and their dependents’. The medical Centre was registered under the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Act (Cap.253) by theMedical Practitioners and Dentist board as a medical institution in accordance with rule 4(3) of the medical practitioners and Dentist (Medical institution) rules on 18th December, 2018. Registration number 016065.

Its mandate is to provide curative, preventive as well as rehabilitative health care services and advise on health matters generally to the university community.

Dental, optical and other specialized out - patient care services are offered to a member of staff or dependent upon referral by a clinician to the university appointed specialist.

In-patient care services are offered to university Staff and their dependent(s) upon admission in any NHIF accredited hospital in Kenya. It’s important to note that, university Staff and their legal dependents’ are insured with NHIF in-patient comprehensive medical cover that is renewable based on performance. This means that inpatient medical bill is paid up by NHIF but determined by terms and conditions of service for various cadres of employees (Job group limits)

In- patient care services offered to KAFUCO students in session upon referral by a clinician arepaid up by their parents or guardian. Cash payments can be avoided only if the student enroll/ register with NHIF as contributors ora parent / guardian enroll them as beneficiaries.

The University College health care system is mainly funded by the government. This has played a major role towards achieving the vision, mission and set objectives for the department.

It’s important to note that KAFUCO health staffs have continued working together and supporting each other as a team towards achieving the departmental goals. This culture has ensured professional coordination and accountability in all sections in the department (Records, Clinical, Nursing, laboratory and Pharmacy).

All of our health care services offered are strictly CONFIDENTIAL

Philosophical Framework

  To be the excellent quality health services provider for students, staff and their dependents.

Mission: To be the most preferred health care services provider, maintaining highest health care standards to clients by providing quality health care that is internationally recognized.

Core values: The vision and mission can be realized by nurturing the following shared values by the UHC:1. Professionalism and ethics2. Confidentiality3. Respect for human dignity and rights4. Truthfulness, honesty and integrity5. Diligence and competence6. Efficiency and effectiveness7. Timeliness8. Accountability and transparency9. Team work

Strategic Objectives

1. To provide equitable and quality health care to bona fide members

2. To develop dynamic leadership and managerial skills

3. To enhance organizational culture of participation, ownership and purposefulness

4. To effectively utilize and manage health related resources5. To expand and modernize physical facilities and services- digitalization6. To establish, strengthen and sustain policy on HIV/AIDS and VCT services

The department has realized the following:
a) Purchased modern electron microscope, full haemogram Machine, electronic centrifuge, blood mixer, glucometer, Hb Machine, Nebulizer etc.
b) Purchased one new Toyota land cruiser well equipped ambulance.
c) Registered the university clinic with the medical and dentist board.

a) Accreditation of the clinic with NHIF
b) Renovation the university Clinic
c) Establish modern laboratory
d) Review staffing levels for all cadres to be able to serve cost –effectively to increasing patient population.
e) Solicit for absorbing locum health workers in either contract terms of service or permanent and pensionable employment.
f) Digitalization on the health Centre – modernize physical facilities and services

 Staff Members 


Mr. Eric Wanyama Mukoche
In- Charge, University Health Centre


Dr. Agatha Milimu 


Mr. Bruno Ilote
Lab Technologist


Mr. Victor Mchaizi
Records Clerk


Mrs.  Nancy Enonda