Message from the Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office is comprised of the following departments: student governance, accommodation, catering, games and sports, clubs and societies, security, medical services, counseling, financial aids, and Chaplaincy.

All students are well catered for in terms of governance. All matters affecting their welfare are governed by the Students Regulation and Rules as provided in the Student Handbook. All students have the right to use and enjoy the privileges and facilities of the University College only if they are bona fide students and adhere to the rules and regulations governing their conduct and discipline. The method of election of officers of the Students’ Association is done as per the students Constitution. The elected Congress members elect the Students Executive Council and thereafter elect the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker from amongst themselves.

The Dean of Students champions for the best conduct of students within and as far as is applicable, outside the University College precincts.

The hostels are modern, spacious, and secure and are at affordable rates. The existing students’ houses are undergoing renovations and rebranding. Due to the high demand of these hostels the University College has maintained the affordable rates to cater for most students who are needy. All students are expected to conduct themselves with responsibility and maturity while in residence at the University College.

The catering department continues to offer variety meals at subsidized rates. With renovations of the catering department almost completed, this department is readying itself for the increased number of students and other staff who create increasing demand for its products. Catering services are offered to students in a prescribed procedure regarding the Pay As You Eat (PAYE) system of service in the dining hall.

The In- Charge of games, sports and clubs has ensured that students observe the rules as are enacted by the Games, Sports and Clubs Department and participate in various activities at regional, national and international levels. Students’ interest in games and sports has grown in the resent past with good performances in swimming and other games. Plans are underway to construct a modern and standard swimming pool that may also serve the community around the campus. Students are also encouraged to register and participate in various clubs and societies activities that impacts positively to the society. The University College strives to train and release well molded personnel to the job market.

The Dean of Students office works closely with the security department to ensure continuous safety to all students. This has made the University College environment a secure and perfect place for students to study. Patrols are done both during the day and night to contain any unwarranted situations.

Concerning student welfare services, the University College provides high quality medical services. The Dean of Students Office encourages students to comply with the general Law of Health and comply with health requirements as is stipulated by the University Management.

The Dean of Students office has an established Counseling Office that provides services aimed at improving the well-being of students. Students with individual problems or concerns are advised to avail themselves of these services. All matters presented on a personal level to the Guidance and Counseling Office are treated in strict confidence.

Most of our students are needy. We strive to identify donors and well-wishers whom we can partner with to offer these students financial support that can enable them pursue and complete their education on time. We also liaise with various government agencies to offer loans and grants to such students who meet the requirements to benefit from such financial aids. The Dean of Students Office encourages such students to apply for work study programme to earn something to supplement their upkeep.
With the establishment of Chaplaincy, the Dean of Students Office encourages students to acquire spiritual knowledge, and respect each other’s denomination.