Career Services

The Office of Career Services (OCS) was established by government under the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST), in the State Department of Post-Training and Skills Development, to address the gap that exists in education, training and employment.

The life of a student has an important yet dynamic component that needs to be harnessed into a meaning career life.

This includes building the capacity of students for entry into the labour market, both locally and internationally. In a nut shell, the office provides the immediate assistance that the students in KAFUCO need to maximize on their capacity to establish a successful career.

Philosophical Framework
The Office is guided the Vision, Mission, Objectives and Core Values of Kaimosi Friends University College (KAFUCO) and the general objective of the national Vision 2030. The following objectives are the Office:
i) To understand the need of the student and to match these needs with the labour market patterns.
ii) To research on the current employment trends and what the employers demand and advise the students accordingly.
iii) To advise students on academic performance.
iv) To equip students with knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary for a life during and after university.
v) To offer career guidance and counselling on relationships, career choices and choice of institutions.
vi) To oversee the transition of the students from the college to the job market in terms of internships, part-time employment, volunteering and full time employment in both the public and private sector.
vii) To deal with the emotional and social wellbeing of the students.
viii) To offer capacity building in terms of career counselling, career fairs, career forums and workshops.
ix) To disseminate information about job networks and linkages.

The Rationale of the OCS office
The office provides a road map for the University to achieve relevant education and training for the students in readiness for employment. The main goal is to ensure that graduates from KAFUCO are skilled enough to tackle employment, wealth creation and eventually achieve better living standards.

The OCS Undertakings
i. Academic Advising: help students to come up with educational plans consistent with their life goal; provide them with accurate information about academic progression and degree requirements; assist them to understand academic polices; increase student retention by providing a personal contact that students always need and connect them to institutions.
ii. Career Services: the office should be committed to offer career counselling and advising; career testing and assessment; linkages; career fairs and forums and create a database of jobs available by developing networks with local employers.
iii. Graduate Tracker Services: put in place procedure for assessing students’ achievements and their progression after graduation into the workforce.
iv. Linkages between industries and students.
v. High school recruitment forums: this involves recruitment of high school students to consider joining the institution. In so doing the office will provide details on various aspects of student’s life in Kafuco; distribute informative brochures at recruitment events including most attractive features at the institution and its programs.
vi. Establishment of alumni network.
vii. Recruiting OCS student ambassadors.
viii. Running career fairs and forums.