Function of the University College Council

(1) Subject to this Order, the Council shall be the governing body of the University College through which the University College as a body corporate shall act and —

(a) shall administer the property and funds of the University College in a manner and for the purposes which shall
promote the interest of the University College provided that the Council shall not charge or dispose of the immovable property of the University College except in accordance with the procedures laid down by the Government of Kenya;
(b) shall receive, on behalf of the University College donations, endowments, gifts, grants or other moneys and to make disbursements there from to the University College or other bodies or persons;
(c) shall provide for the welfare of the staff and students of the University College;
(d) may enter into association with other universities, university colleges or other institutions of learning, whether within Kenya or otherwise, as the Council may deem necessary and appropriate; and
(c) may, after consultation with the academic Board, prescribe guidelines governing the conduct and discipline of the students of the University College.

(2) All documents, other than those required by law to be under seal, made on behalf of" the Council, and all decisions of the Council, may be signified under the hand of the Chairperson, the Principal or
any other member of the Council generally or specifically authorized by the Council in that behalf.
(3) The Council shall ensure that a proper management structure is in place and to make sure that the structure functions to maintain corporate integrity, reputation and responsibility.
(4) The Council shall monitor and evaluate the implementation of strategies, policies, and management criteria and plans of the University College.
(5) The Council shall at least once every year review the viability and financial sustainability of the University College.
(6) The Council shall ensure that the University College complies
with all the relevant laws, regulations, governance practices,
accounting and auditing standards