Philosophical Framework


To be a Centre of excellence in the provision of Student Welfare Services.


To be steadfast in the provision of all students welfare services at Kaimosi Friends University College in order to facilitate the smooth running of the University Academic Programs.

1. To ensure efficient provision of welfare services to all students at KAFUCO.
2. To facilitate efficient and effective communication between the student community and the University Administration.
3. To ensure the establishment and maintenance of an effective student leadership.
4. To facilitate the establishment and effective management of all clubs and societies within the University.
5. To offer quality guidance and counselling services to all students.
6. To offer support and facilitate participation of students in co-curricular activities such as Games and Sports, Music, Clubs/Societies. Drama etc.
7. To develop and sustain recreational facilities.
8. To support the maintenance of standards and discipline of students.
9. To offer guidance, support and assistance where possible to students with financial challenges.