Syllabus of C-DELTA

Module 1: Developing Digital Identities
Unit 1: Being digital
Unit 2: Digital identity
Unit 3: Creating digital identities
Unit 4: Managing digital identities
Details: This module addresses ways of working with the digital tools and networks to which you have access in your contexts in order to enable you to create and manage your own online presences and footprints, and to exercise control over your expression of this digital identity (or identities). By implication, this involves negotiating pathways within contexts.

Module 2: Mobilising Resources
Unit 1: Finding and using digital resources
Unit 2: Creating and sharing digital resources
Details: Mobilising resources refers to the processes of finding out which resources are available to you in your context, which skills you need in order to acquire the necessary capabilities to draw on these resources, the development of understanding of how these resources are used in practice in your particular contexts, and the development of capabilities to evaluate, combine and create new resources.

Module 3: Engaging with Networks
Unit 1: Networks
Unit 2: Selecting networks
Unit 3: Engaging in networks
Details: Engaging with networks refers to interacting with networks in a manner that is meaningful and purposeful. This entails constructively sharing information, knowledge and resources. In the online space, this entails building on your understanding of the social media ecosystem to enable informed choices regarding where and how you can create online profiles, interact with people across different networks and build of personal learning networks.