Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action (C-DELTA)

Cdelta Training

The Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action (C-DELTA) is a long-term programme of COL whose objective is to promote a digital education environment in Commonwealth Member Nations. It provides a holistic approach to conceptualizing digital education leadership. The C-DELTA programme provides a framework for fostering digital learning, whilst developing skilled citizens for lifelong learning.

Syllabus of C-DELTA

Module 1: Developing Digital Identities
Unit 1: Being digital
Unit 2: Digital identity
Unit 3: Creating digital identities
Unit 4: Managing digital identities
Details: This module addresses ways of working with the digital tools and networks to which you have access in your contexts in order to enable you to create and manage your own online presences and footprints, and to exercise control over your expression of this digital identity (or identities). By implication, this involves negotiating pathways within contexts.

Award for the C-DELTA Programme

At the end of trimester all the students who will have completed the three modules successfully and passed all the online test will be awarded marks, followed by the embedding the courses offered on C-Delta in the University student transcript. A certificate from Commonwealth of Learning (CoL) will also be issued. ClickC Delta for more Information about C-Delta