Directorate of Graduate Studies

The Directorate of Graduate Studies coordinates admission, teaching, field research, supervision and examination of students in diverse programmes leading to the award of Ph.D and Masters degrees as well as Postgraduate Diplomas. It is headed by a director who chairs the Board of Graduate Studies (BGS). The mandate and core objective of the directorate is to facilitate both students and graduate faculty to implement effective processes in advanced level study in compliance with our university’s graduate study policy, CUE guidelines and to attain results comparable with national, regional and international best practices. This should position KAFUCO as an emerging centre of excellence in the Information Technology, Sciences, Arts, Education and Business Studies. We also promote multidisciplinary approaches and continuous engagement of staff, students and industry practitioners through regular dissemination in form of seminars, workshops, conferences and collaborative study.

KAFUCO currently offers the following programmes and we accept applications throughout the year:

1.School of Business and Economics (SOBE)

1. PHD in Business Administration

 2. Master of Business Administration (Options include Strategic Management, Finance, Accounting, Purchasing and Supplies, Marketing, Human Resource and Operations)

 3. Master of Science in Economics

  1. School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS)

(i) Master of Arts in Comparative Literature

(ii) Master of Arts in Kiswahili

(iii) Master of Arts in Religion

(iv) Master of Arts in History

(v) Master of Arts in Geography

(vi) Master of Education in English Language

(vii) Master of Education in Educational Psychology

(viii) M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction

(ix) Ph.D in Religion

(x) Ph.D in Comparative Literature

(xi) Ph.D in Curriculum & Instruction

  1. School of Science (SOSCi)

(i)M.Sc in Pure Mathematics

(ii)M.Sc in Applied Mathematics

(iii)Master of Science in Microbiology

(iv) Master of Science in Physics

  1. School of Computing and Informatics (SCIT)

(i) Master of Science in Information Technology

For admission enquiries please contact either the Director or the Senior Administrative Assistant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.